My top 5 lush products!

Hey People. Sorry that I haven’t been online much lately!

These are my top 5 lush products:

  1. My top lush product would have to be the Twilight bath bomb. It smells like lavender and a milky caramel malt drink! It is super moisturising and my skin feels great after. It is pink/purple with a bright blue core. This bath bomb is £3.75.2. My next favourite is the Butterball bath bomb. If it is Christmas time I do prefer to use the Butter bear but they are very similar/ the same. It has cocoa butter in so it is great for dry skin. It also smells great. It doesn’t give much colour. This bath bomb is £2.75. 3. Another one of my favourite is the Honey I washed the kids soap. It smells great and is super cleansing. It has English honey in and has a light caramel scent. This soap is £3.50/100g.4. Sakura is another great bath bomb. This was one of my first lush products I got. It smells great and has lemon oil and orange flower in. It doesn’t give much colour but does feel great. This bath bomb is £3.50.5.Last but not least, I like the Pop in The Bath bubble bar. This has a very flowery scent and comes in different colours. It gives off great colour and makes really good bubbles. This bubble bar is £3.65.

Thanks for reading this post. I would love it if you could comment down below.




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