Rainy days…

Hi people!

So today (in England) is a rainy grey day. These sorts of days kind of make me sad and I’m quite unproductive. So here are a few ideas on what to do. Sorry that this is a bit random!

  1. Play sport
Now I know that this sounds a bit weird but on a rainy day me and my family sometimes book a badminton court or go for a swim! Its fun and makes me feel less lazy!
   2. Do Homework
Again, This one sounds boring but if you are in school (Like me) I try to get my homework done on the days that are wet and dreary, Then when its sunny I can go do what I want.
   3.Baking or Cooking
This is definatly one of my favourites. I love to bake with my sister as it passes time and is really yummy!
 4.Read a book or watch a movie
( I’m really running out of ideas here!)
So I like to watch a great movie or read a book. It is also super relaxing after homework.
5.Write or plan a blog post!
This last Idea only really works if you have a blog. I love to think of great ideas of what I am next going to write or ideas!
Thanks for reading this post and sorry it was a bit boring. I have a lot of schoolwork at the moment so I cant always write my blog!
(comment ideas on what you would like to see more of on my blog)

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