Top 10 favourite…YouTube Channels #001

Hi People!

So here is a list of my top 10 favourite YouTube channels.

10.New Hope Club

New Hope Club is a band from England and they sing covers. They have also recently just released there own song too!


Also known as Alfie Deyes is a lifestyle vlogger and uploads gaming and main channel videos too!

8.Life Of  A Geek Teen

Also known as Izzy, Is a teen beauty logger and uploads makeup tutorials, Baking videos and vlogs. I love watching her videos.


OkBaby are a family of 4 and have just had there 4th child (so cute) and there vlogs are just about their life.

6.Expedition Happiness

Sally (Mogli), Felix and there super cute dog Rudi have travelled from Alaska to Mexico in a converted American school bus. (I have mentioned them before)

5.My Virgin Kitchen

This is a cooking channel and tries loads of different foods from other countries and places around the world!

4. FunforLouis

I LOVE this channel. Louis travels around the world and videos it.

3. Liza Koshy

Liza basically is hilarious. Her videos in target and the best!

2. Family Fizz

Family Fizz is a family of 4: Georgie, Darren, Mia and Sienna. They make daily vlogs and always cheers me up.

  1. J house Vlogs

This is my favourite channel ever. They are a family of 7: Kendra, Jeremy, Isaac, Elise, Caleb, Laura and their brand new baby Janae. I always watch there vlogs.


Thanks for reading. Please comment what channels you like.




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