Recently I liked #002

Hi People!

So about a month ago I did one of these and I liked writing it so I decided to do another one. Here is what I recently likes.

Listening to:

  • Alaska-Mogli
  • Shape of you- Ed Sheeran
  • Weak-AJR


  • Family Fizz- Youtube
  • 13 reasons why- Netflix
  • Series of Unfortunate Events- Netflix
  • Riverdale-Netflix
  • Pretty Little Liars -Netflix


  • Girl Online – Zoe Sugg (again!!!)
  • Loads of blogs!!


  • Hot Chocolate  ( in Italy it is more of a pudding and is amazing!!)
  • Chocolate (I always eat chocolate)
  • Pizza and pasta (I was in Italy and have eaten a lifetime supply of pizza in a week!!)

I really hope you liked this post. Please comment what you have recently liked!



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