Hi People!

So I’m 14 and my GCSEs are coming up pretty soon. For mine I took:

  • History
  • Spanish
  • Photography
  • GCSE music ( there are 2 types)

And I’m pretty happy so far with my choice. But I’m not sure how well I will do. My favourite so far would have to be music as its not really hard but is still fun and I’m not behind. I kind of struggle with Spanish but I think its ok. Overall I hope I do ok and I hope that yous (if you are doing them) go great too!



2 thoughts on “GCSEs!

  1. We started ours in year nine and i picked
    – child development
    – German
    – art and design
    Our mocks are coming up in a few weeks so I’ve got a lot of revising to do!
    Love your blog by the way Xx


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