Get to know me!

Hi People!

So I was reading loads of blogs and came across a few of these! So I thought that I would do one! lets see how it goes!

Name: Harriet

Occupation: I’m still at school- Yay…

Hair Colour: Light Brown

Hair Length: Just above my shoulder

Eye colour: Dark Brown- They are getting lighter as I get older!

Best Feature: I’m not really sure about this one!

Braces?: Yes, I have had them for just over a year and may get them off soon! Before I had to have an operation for it so I cant wait to get them off!

Piercings?: Just my ear lobes

Tattoos?: No and I never want any

Right or left handed?: Right handed

First time abroad: France when I was about 7 or 8 I think!

Sport I play: Netball since about year 3 -primary school.

First concert: Never been to one!

Favourite TV show: PLL & Riverdale

Favourite Colour: I quite like shades of blue.

Favourite shoes: My navy converse! I love them.

Favourite food: I really like chocolate and pasta ( not at the same time)

Do I want kids?: I think so when I’m older.

In a relationship?: Nope!

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I liked writing it! Please leave your comments for a Q&A down below.








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