Travel- Venice #004

Hi People!

So on Sunday I got back from my DofE (if you don’t know what this is it is a Duke of Edinburgh award and you do some volunteering, skill, physical and expedition and it is super fun!) practice walk and my legs hurt pretty bad ! Anyway I decided to do another travel post. A few months ago my family and I went to Venice for a holiday and I LOVED it there.

The flight from where I fly from to Venice was just over two hours so it wasn’t bad at all. When we landed we had to get the water taxi to the Rialto stop then we walked to our apartment. We walked down this really horrible back land and thought we were at our apartment and it didn’t look great from the outside but then we realised we had the wrong address ( it is super easy to get lost there!!) so then we walked around and found the right apartment and it was really nice!!  Later on we had pizza and just walked around. The other days we did lots of fun things like more exploring and going on a gondola ( traditional boat in Venice). In Venice there is a shop called My Magnum this is where you get the ice cream magnum, cover in a chocolate, add toppings then add another drizzle of chocolate. It was really yummy. Venice had the nicest ice cream I have ever had! DSC00063.JPG

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment the places you have visited down below. Please also leave your questions down below.



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