Travel-Florence #005

Hi People!

In the Easter holiday my family and I went to Italy and another place we stayed in was the city of Florence. I really loved it here. We had a good sized ,modern apartment that was super cool. The town was quite polluted which was a complete opposite from Venice and there wasn’t much grass which sounds weird but I really missed!

So we had 3 nights in Florence. On the first proper day in the morning we climbed the tower next to the Duomo. The Duomo is a church with a massive dome on and in the olden times no one really knew how to build it then one man did and till this day people done know 100% how they did it! It was quite high! Then about midday we went to the Bobili gardens which were owned by a famous family ( at the time) called the Medici family. The garden was massive and it was really beautiful. There were quite a few sculptures and a few really Italian buildings! We also saw the cutest mini lizard. Later on we went up the Duomo and it was even higher than the bell tower. The views from the top were amazing as we could see the whole of Florence. We also had a thunderstorm when we were walking around the city. Btw if you ever go to Italy the ice cream make Venchi is amazing!! We also visited the famous Ufitzi gallery and saw loads of amazing paintings!

I really hope you liked this post and I cant wait to write more in the future.



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