Hi People!

So I was inspired to do this post by My Secret Teenage Blog .


So this is probably my favourite show so far and I cant wait for the new season. My favourite characters are Betty, Jughead and Cheryl!

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Pretty Little Liars

I’m only just onto season five and overall there are seven seasons so I’ve still got a long way to go. My favourite characters are Spencer and Toby as they are a cute couple too! It is about 5 friends that are getting messages from A. And they are trying to find out who A is.

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Jane the Virgin

I love this show so much. You never know what is gonna happen as there are random little twists. My favourite character is obviously Jane as her character is funny!

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I hope you enjoyed this and if I find anymore shows I like, I may do another one of these posts.




5 thoughts on “Netflix!

  1. OMG I love Riverdale! So much! If you want check out my page (actually I just did a post where I do Betty’s make up :D) we can be internet friend and follow each other! I’d love it 😀 Mimi x


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